Sheep Dog

All of us fall into one of three categories: Sheep, Wolf and Sheepdog.

Sheep are the masses the unsuspecting, ignorant masses.
Going about their daily lives not realizing that they are being picked off one at a time.

… Enter the Wolf, dark, grim, sneaky and vile.
Looking to subdue and destroy the sheep, eat the sheep… sleep the sheep, Forever.

Last, the Sheepdog
Hated by both the Wolf and the Sheep.
Constantly protecting the Sheep… I mean they love the sheep.
Always at war with the Wolf, the enemy is this creature.

This Sheepdog, this creature, this protector, this… mutt… loves the Shepard.
Would do anything for the Shepard… even protect His prized Sheep, and fight the vile Wolves… even unto his own demise.

… But what am I?

I am a Wolf, who has been saved by the Shepard, who now sits among the Sheepdogs, and I am hated by them.
I am hated by the Sheep and by the Wolves as well.

But the one who saved me, who remade me, into THIS.

He loves me, believes in me, sees me like no one else can.
To Him I am loyal, and I will remain vigilant till my task here is finished.




About Markkus

I love to draw, sculpt, write stories/poetry. I used to think I was bred for war, and in a way I am but artistically. View all posts by Markkus

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